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Directory of wool

Your cooperation is needed here. Anyone who produces European Wool in Europe, processes it industrially or in small manufactories, refines it, markets it or promotes innovations with European Wool,... are very welcome to register themselves, their company or their organisation in our network map. This can easily be done by clicking on the "Add - Button" at the bottom right.

The goal is to build a network for wool produced and processed in Europe.

It would be great if you could upload a descriptive picture with your name, your company and/or organisation, your contact details and your website.

If you need support or have any questions, just send an E-Mail to .


We also need your help to keep fake profiles and trolls away from our network. For this reason, you have the opportunity to rate and/or comment on the entries in the network. Only with your active cooperation and your comments, experiences and ratings we can build and operate a serious network.


Together we can create the most comprehensive network of, with and about European Wool.

Become an active part of our team!

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