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Who are we?

EWA is a multidisciplinary group representing all the links of the wool value chain which has explicit and commonly accepted goals.

EWA is seeking to re-establish wool produced by sheep in Europe as the best natural fibre with multipurpose applications. A key objective is to assess the quality of wool produced by different European breeds of sheep and to cater the needs of developing new environmentally friendly products as best alternatives to intensively produced, artificial fibre products and plastic.

Our membership comprises sheep farmers and cooperatives as well as wool industries in more than 50 countries and states in Europe and has a loyal following in many other continents. EWA has the expertise and resources as a policy leader for European Wool and the idea is to become an effective platform for reviewing and promoting or challenging legislation related to the interests of wool producers, processors, manufacturers or traders.


EWA has strong alliances with several Institutes and European Universities engaging in research activities related to the wool industry and the wool value chain. Through these collaborative actions EWA is looking for innovative approaches to support the European wool industry and wants to involve wool producers, processors, manufacturers and traders in this process.