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Aims and Objectives

EWA was established for the purpose of promoting European wool and wool products and increasing their value and that of sheep production.

EWA is bound by its statute in which under Article 3 the purpose of the Association has been detailed.


In summary the aims are to:

  • Enhance the capacity and skills and understanding of all actors in the wool value chain by promoting, providing and supporting education and training.
  • Promote and support the arts, heritage, culture or science of European wool in Europe.
  • Encourage socio-economic development by supporting and promoting the interests of those who produce, process, manufacture or market natural wool.
  • Provide EWA and other organisations in our sector, with management advice and provide support for holding or participation in events concerning European wool or wool products.
  • Look for solutions that diversity of European sheep production systems and ensuring the welfare of sheep and shepherds. Protect traditional pastures and their diversity and responding to the challenges of climate change in order to promote biodiversity in natural pastures.
  • Conserve and promote the genetic diversity of European sheep breeds, including rare and endangered breeds.